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Our mission is to enhance our client’s ability to communicate with diverse populations by informing and engaging project stakeholders.​

Our Mission

JBR specializes in assisting contractors with local hiring, union partnerships, public meeting facilitation, and contractor training and education. We provide services to public agencies, contractors, residents, community based organizations, and key stakeholders to increase public participation on various high-stakes projects.


Small local businesses face many challenges daily - One major barrier that is often unaddressed is the implementation of local hiring laws and the requirements that come with hiring local workforce members (i.e. apprentices, trust fund contributions). Local contractors often lack an understanding of these compliance measures and suffer from the financial penalties.


JBR Partners, Inc. has over 20 years of professional experience in providing facilitation and labor relations for city agencies. JBR is committed to providing our clients with services that are of the highest technical standards and based on a foundation of integrity and accountability. We partner with local residents, contractors, community organizations, governmental regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders to facilitate the successful completion of projects. ​


San Francisco NAACP

Labor and Trades

Union Award


John L. Martin Partnered

Project of the Year - Sapphire

Central Shops Replacement Facilities Project from IPI




1st Place

Capstone Project

Clark Construction Group Strategic Partnership


San Francisco Partnering Award Gold Best in Class

Central Shop San Francisco

California Public 

Utilities Commission

Certification (CPUC) MBE 

Minority Business Enterprise

State of California

Disadvantaged Business  

Enterprise Certification (DBE): # 41695 

Public Relations, Community Economic Development 

City & County of

San Francisco HRC-LBE 

Certification: # HRC111516630 

Community Relations, Public Affairs, Meeting Facilitators, Employment & Development Programs

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Main Office:

1333 Evans Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94124

P: 415.970.9051

E: info@jbrpartners.com


SFMTA Community Service Program Office:

Administered by JBR Partners

44 Gough Street #207

San Francisco, CA 94103

P: 415.829.7072

E: SFMTACSP@jbrpartners.com

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